About us

Old 99 Farm is a small farm, a permaculture demonstration site and
market garden. 2008 was my first season, with about 20 vegetables
in the ground. Now, 15 years later we grow 50 crops, have a
producing fruit and berry orchard and grow all year round.

Our Values

I call myself a “farmer-postdoomer-boomer,
downwardly mobile, neopeasant cognescente”.
I am the proprietor, permaculture designer and
farmer-in-progress here and with loads of help
and companionship from Camelia, my wife, we
are making a beautiful thing blossom right
here. We believe local food production is
important for resilience in this time of climate
emergency. We like to teach people what we
know and help grow the community.

Ian Graham

We grow what we love.

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